Digital Safety Management System Implementation

Digital Safety Management Systems (DSMS) are the way of the future! Gone are the days of trying to keep paperwork clean on a job site and tracking down safety paperwork from employees. DSMS’s provide you with real time access to all of your safety forms, manuals and procedures. No more worrying about printing off enough paperwork each morning! DSMS’s can be accessed from a mobile device, tablet or computer to bring the office to the field!


Most frequent questions and answers

No, you can access the system from any type of digital device such as a phone, tablet and computer. You have complete control who has access to the system as well. Depending on your OHS Program you might choose to give access only to supervisors and lead hands.

Yes, the programs are customizable to ensure that the transition to digital is as seamless as possible. We will build your forms into the digital platform to looks as close to the paper copies as possible.

The set-up time depends on the size of your company and how many forms and pieces of equipment you have. We like to work with your team to determine an accurate timeline prior to start up so that you can plan for a roll-out date.

We provide training for your employees and management team as well as support after implementation to ensure a smooth transition.


Would your company benefit from digital management of safety documentation and training? More companies are moving towards a digital safety management platform that allows real-time tracking of safety statistics and supports mobile worksites. We have successfully implemented digital safety management systems with many of our clients and have found it to effectively reduce monthly safety costs and creates piece of mind that all documentation is accessible and saved to the cloud. We have partnerships with the leading digital safety management companies and would like to find the platform that suits the needs and budget of your company.


"Shannon and her team are great! They really take their time getting to know your business and have a great wealth of knowledge to provide you with the best solutions! I fully trust we are in good hands with EHS we will continue to team up with them as our business grows!!"
- Daleen Qazilbash
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