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Digital Safety Management System – 5 Benefits

Real time data is essential to the productivity and success of your business and accessing your safety documentation and forms digitally can save you time and money. Many businesses wonder if making the switch will be a costly burden but after assisting many of our clients, we have come up with a few reasons that prove going digital with your safety program is worth it!

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Tips on How to Fulfill your New Year’s Resolution of a Stronger Return to Work and Injury Management Program

Injury Management (IM) includes an effective Return to/ Recover at Work (RTW) Plan that is essential for a successful recovery after a workplace injury occurs. Effective IM provides physical, psychological and financial benefits to employees. A strong RTW plan provides financial benefits to employers and creates a positive workplace health and safety culture.

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4 Tips for Enhancing Crew Health and Safety Talks

As defined in the British Columbia and Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation, all companies are required to have a formal or informal Occupational Health and Safety Program. Informal or formal Occupational Health and Safety Programs are developed based on the level of risk in the workplace and the number of workers exposed to medium

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Occupational First Aid

AB & BC Occupational First Aid Requirements As an Employer, you are obligated to ensure adequate first aid resources are available in the workplace. First Aid is the primary response to any workplace injury and is critical for preventing emergencies and treating injured workers. So, how do you know what type of First Aid you

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Why Vaping is a Concern for Workplace Health & Safety

What is Vaping? How do I protect myself? What about my workers? Smoking e-cigarettes and vaping has taken a sudden rise in popularity within the past five years. Vaping and e-cigarettes were first introduced to the US and Canada in the mid 2000’s. Canada was quick to ban the sale, advertising and import of electronic

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7 Tips and Tricks to Prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries

What is a Repetitive Strain Injury? Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) are the most common type of injury within the workplace and generally the most difficult to treat, which is why preventing RSI’s is an employer’s best defence! So, you might be wondering – what exactly is an RSI? An RSI is an injury that is

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