EcoVac Services

  • Industry: Vac Truck - Industrial 
  • Location: Central Alberta
  • Service: Health & Safety Management

Lake Country EHS assisted this start-up company with a comprehensive Energy Safety Council (ESC) COR-compliant Occupational Health and Safety Program. We set the team at EcoVac up with SiteDocs and administer their safety program in full. As a consultant, Lake Country EHS has an unbiased position with EcoVac and provides their employees with on-call support.

Pembina Pipeline

  • Industry: Pipeline
  • Location: Central Alberta
  • Service: Environmental Monitoring & Wildlife Surveys

Lake Country EHS provided their Professional Biologist to a Pembina reclamation project in central Alberta to ensure their construction efforts prevented impacts to the existing natural environment and liaised with Alberta Environment on any regulatory challenges the project encountered. Species at Risk surveys and translocation efforts were provided and the project was able to proceed smoothly.

WCS Commercial Division

  • Industry: Pre-Engineered and Structural Steel Erector
  • Location: Kelowna, B.C
  • Service: Health & Safety Management

Our team of EHS Professionals are integrated with the WCS management and field staff to manage and implement their Occupational Health & Safety Program. Lake Country EHS assisted WCS in achieving COR Certification, ISNetWorld and Avetta accreditation. 

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Sierra Landscaping Ltd.

  • Industry: Landscaping & Civil Contractor
  • Location: Lake Country, B.C
  • Service: Health & Safety Program Development

Lake Country EHS’s qualified Professionals assisted Sierra Landscaping in developing their Health and Safety Program and helped in implementing the new program through training of their management and field staff. 

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Laing Roofing

  • Industry: Roofing
  • Location: Kelowna, B.C
  • Service: Health & Safety Training

Our team has a long-standing rapport with Laing in developing custom-made Fall Protection training programs and delivering IVES-certified equipment operator training for their employees. 

OK Builders Ltd.

  • Industry: Concrete Ready-Mix
  • Location: Okanagan, B.C
  • Service: Health & Safety Management

We served OK Builders across the Okanagan from Penticton to Kamloops in developing and implementing a WorkSafeBC compliant Health & Safety Program. Our team addressed all workplace incidents, WorkSafeBC injury claims and site inspections.

Valley Curbing Ltd.

  • Industry: Concrete Curbing
  • Location: Okanagan, B.C
  • Service: Health & Safety Management

Lake Country EHS updated the Health and Safety Program and is responsible for implementing the policies, safe work practices and procedures. Our team facilitates on-site safety meetings and conducts frequent site inspections to identify new hazards and educate the field staff on appropriate control measures.

Double T Dirtworks

  • Industry: Civil Contractor
  • Location: Okanagan, B.C
  • Service: Health & Safety Management

Double T Dirtworks hired our team of Professionals to educate and train their management and field staff on their responsibilities in relation to the provincial regulations. We provide ongoing incident management and support their operations with on-call support.


  • Industry: Steel Fabrication
  • Location: Grand Forks, B.C
  • Service: Incident Management

We provide ongoing support to Unifab with WorkSafeBC Claims management as well as occasional on-site compliance audits and management training.

McKinley Landing Development

  • Industry: Land Developer
  • Location: Kelowna, B.C
  • Service: Construction Environmental Management Planning

Our Qualified Environmental Professional developed a Construction Environmental Monitoring Plan for the McKinley Landing Development.

O’Rourke Winery

  • Industry: Winery
  • Location: Lake Country, B.C
  • Service: Stream Restoration

Lake Country EHS assisted the winery in restoring a stream that was impacted by the 2017 spring floods. A habitat assessment and restoration plan was developed and reviewed with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources to implementation of planting over 400 native plant species and prescription of temporary erosion and sediment control measures. 

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District of Lake Country

  • Industry: Local Government
  • Location: Lake Country, B.C
  • Service: Wildlife Survey and Habitat Assessments

Our Professionals support the District of Lake Country in managing their drainage and utilities corridors by providing Ministry Water Act notifications and approval submissions and on-site habitat assessments to protect natural environment sensitive features to prevent impacts while being able to maintain the urban stormwater systems.

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