Workplace safety is a legal responsibility of every corporation, management team, and supervisor in Canada. It is no longer optional to include safety as a key component of your company operations; it is a requirement governed by the OHS Act & Regulations.  However, some companies struggle to justify hiring a full-time safety professional due to budgetary restrictions, or lack of full-time employment. By enlisting the services of a safety consulting firm such as Lake Country EHS, you can experience the benefits of a safety professional working for your team without the commitment of a having full-time employee.


Most frequent questions and answers

We always provide our clients a proposal for our services prior to starting any work. We pride ourselves in offering a billing structure that works for both our client and our company. We can offer monthly contracts, project contracts, per hour billing etc.


Lake Country EHS offers high-level safety consulting in a multitude of industries such as construction, oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, cannabis, and commercial and residential land developments. Our team of highly skilled safety professionals are trained in fall protection, mobile equipment operation, confined space assessments, hazard assessment & control, lock out tag out, injury prevention, claims management, train-the-trainer and health & safety committee implementation. We are a diverse group with differing areas of expertise to confidently handle all safety related concerns your company may encounter.


"Best in the business for all your Health and Safety services with great attention to detail - I would highly recommend!"
- Jill Longworth
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