Workers Compensation Claims Management

Proper management of workplace injuries and incidents is essential for minimizing lost work time and costs associated with workplace injuries. Failing to properly manage a claim can impact a company’s insurance and experience rating for years to come, let alone other factors such as loss of production, re-training, training of temporary replacement workers and the impacts to overall moral in the workplace.


Most frequent questions and answers

That depends on the type of injury and at what stage of the claim we are brought in by. However, we have had great success with eliminating lost time claims for common sprain and strain injuries when our Recover at Work Program is implemented successfully. An example is claims management we did for one company over two years reduced their insurance premiums by $60,000.

We have found that most people who have not been trained in the claims management process find it difficult to navigate the system. Companies that don’t often deal with compensation claims are left to relearn the process which can lead to simple mistakes that can be detrimental to your insurance rate.


Our team offers confidential employee and employer incident and injury management. Let our professionals guarantee that incident investigations, corrective action plans and workers compensation claims (including return to work programs) are handled professionally and smoothly. We will efficiently navigate the claims management process and reduce the cost of the claim in the process.


"Shannen and her team helped us updated our EHS program to meet WCB requirements and better align with industry practices. They are very knowledgeable and professional. They gave use lots of advice and support all winter as we worked to become familiar with the latest requirements. They have a wide range of services and can help with inspections, investigations, WCB reports, unique policies, etc. Very responsive and very quick to respond with helpful advice!"
- James Wainwright


We also implement Return to/Recover at Work Programs that will provide injured workers with the ability to return to work sooner and be contributing members of the team. Studies show that injured workers that return to the workplace sooner are happier, heal faster and develop new skill sets that ultimately benefits themselves and the company.

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